DS-7104 HWI-SL Mini DVR 4 Entrées Hikvision


H.264 & dual-stream video compression
Full channel @ WD1(PAL:960×576) resolution real-time recording
Simultaneous VGA and CVBS outputs
Alarm for video loss, motion detection and abnormal signal
Embedded WEB server for remote access
Mobile view on 3G/Wi-Fi enabled device (iPhone, Android, Blackberry)
Support 1 SATA HDD and 2 UBS2.0 ports for easy backup

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To tighten the security of the premises of your home or office, you must opt for the Hikvision DS-7104HWI-SL. It has a long transmission distance for convenience. Moreover, it also records high-quality video and audio feeds at real time. It is easy to install and its operation is not a headache either. This DVR can be set up in colleges, offices, schools, showrooms, stores and even in homes to ensure optimum security. Additionally, it also has the feature of H.264 and dual-stream video compression and supports both HDMI and analogue cameras. So shop online for this DVR at Snapdeal at a pocket-friendly price today.

High Resolution

The Hikvision DS-7104HWI-SL is equipped with the feature of a high recording resolution that ensures you receive clear images. It has 1, 4, 8, 9 and 16 screens viewing, along with WD1 (PAL: 960×576, NTSC: 960×480) resolution real-time recording. It streams both video and audio feeds.

Video Channel Output and Recording

This Hikivision DVR combines the functions of a DVR, an HVR and an NVR. It has multi-channel real-time recording feature as well and has the feature of multi-channel real-time playback. It supports analogue and network HD video hybrid input. It also supports full HD network video input and has the provision for providing simultaneous VGA and CVBS outputs.

Audio Channel

It has a dual-stream option and a one-way audio communication system. Therefore, you can be alerted via sound as well.


Additional Features

The Hikvision DS-7104HWI-SL measures 32.1 x 24.2 x 8.5 cm in terms of dimension and weighs a mere 1 kg. It comes with several additional features that make it a worthy pick. It includes an alarm for motion detection, video loss, tampering, standard mismatch, illegal login, IP confliction, video input/output, network disconnected, HDD error, and HDD full, etc. Additionally, the alarm event triggers full-screen monitoring along with an audio alarm and notifies the surveillance centre and sends an e-mail. It is also operable by mouse. Additionally, it comes with the feature of embedded WEB surfer for remote access.